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ANNOUNCEMENT: The club’s premier sponsor, Kartshed Racing (KSR), will be donating a set of tyres each and every Canberra Club round. The winner will be drawn randomly from the list of competitors at the end of race trophy presentation. The winner will receive one (1) complete set of Maxxis slick tyres (Novice/Rookie/Junior or Senior) for the class they have been entered. The winner themselves MUST be present at the draw to collect the prize. There is no proxy collection. If the winner is not present when announced, the prize will be redrawn until it is won.

Additionally, Kartshed Racing (KSR) will be donating a complete new go-kart chassis (yep, you read that right), which will be drawn at the end of year club championship presentation. To be eligible for this amazing prize, competitors must compete in at least 6 of the 8 Canberra rounds (this includes ACT Titles) and be present at the draw to collect. The winner themselves MUST be present at the draw to collect the prize and there is no proxy collection. If the winner is not present, the prize will be redrawn until it it won.

The KSR parts truck, along with it’s owner Brett, will be at each and every Canberra round this year. KSR carries an extremely large range of parts, from the basics and bare essentials, through to the exotic and unusual and supports all varieties of Go-Karts, for both parts and services. KSR has supported the CKRC for many years and the club is proud to have them onboard again as premier sponsor. Be sure to contact KSR for any requirement you may have and support the business that supports your local club.

2023 / Nov 4th-5th

Canberra Cup + KZ2 Super Series and Club Championship Round 7 Wrap Up.

Full results from the day can be found on Speedhive.

2023 / Sep 17th

Club Championship – Round 6 Wrap Up

Full results from the day can be found on Speedhive.

2023 / August 6th

Club Championship – Round 5 Wrap Up

Full results from the day can be found on Speedhive.

2023 / June 18th

Club Championship – Round 4 Wrap Up

Canberra wound the temperatures back as racers were met with cold conditions on Sunday morning, and whilst the skies were clear as the drivers were given their briefing, the weather man and radar screens revealed that there were potential showers about mid-day. Right on queue, at the start of Heat 2, the Rookies/MiniMax got to experience the fringe of the rains, which thankfully didn’t impact racing too much. All fields were super-competitive with some good close racing and battles going on.

Again, the day largely went off issue-free, with a number of classes combined on the track to speed things up. One of our star Junior Lights, Levi, had a scary moment during the final – flipping his kart – but thankfully he is all right. Hope to see you back on track soon!

Those lucky enough to place at the end of the day were greeted with trophies of *epic* proportions, with our Club President once again getting mm and cm mixed up when ordering the trophies. (Thanks Bob – we love ya!)

With low number of volunteers present, the day was made a little more challenging than usual – We need volunteers to run meets – please contact the committee if you’d like to assist for future rounds – There is a vest with your name on it waiting!

All the results from the day can be found on Speedhive.

2023 / May 14th

Club Championship – Round 3 Wrap Up

A beautiful Autumn Canberra Mother’s Day Sunday greeted those that entered for Round 3 of the club championship. With the track continuing to look amazing and the new coffee machine earning it’s keep in the canteen – slightly lower than usual numbers, meant that some classes were grouped together. This worked well and with the general lack of incidents and good competitor cooperation, this meant that the day ran well ahead of schedule.

A number of 2023 class lap records fell with the fields getting faster and faster with each heat.

The day’s results can be found on Speedhive.

2023 / Apr 7th-9th – ACT State Titles Meet

With the Easter Bunny now kept out of the track thanks to new permanent fencing and with an expanded pit area completed, the Canberra Kart Racing Club put out the welcome mat for all those entrants keen to fight for those coveted Blue Plates at this year’s Kartshed Racing 2023 ACT State Titles – and with Kev ‘the noise’ Davies onhand, it was always going to be a fantastic weekend of racing.

Those brave enough to venture out on Friday for official practice faced some torrential downpours as a major weather system made it’s way across lower NSW – but with chance favouring the prepared racer – setting a time on Friday paved the way for your start position for qualifying on Saturday. The weather cleared up for Saturday, but some of the first group out (Novices) still opted for that wet tyre. By the time the second group went out it was slicks all round, with qualifying times dropping each lap.

Once the grids were set it was lights out and away we go. Competitors fought hard throughout the Saturday with the day running well ahead of schedule. By the time Sunday morning came around it was that last chance to dial in the setup with the commencement of Finals. After some gruelling 20 lap “sprints” the club was pleased to crown it’s 2023 Kartshed Racing ACT State Title winners.

Novice – Oscar Haddon

Rookies – Hunter Pearce

Junior Light – Andrew Fitzpatrick

Junior Heavy – Aidan Williams

TAG Restricted – Tim Monte

TAG Light – Jordan Shalala

TAG Heavy – Chris Bregonje

Senior Performance – Matthew Waters

All the weekends racing data can be found on Speedhive, and Gavin from Quick Pixels was there all weekend capturing those epic races and moments.

2023 / Mar 16-17th

EXTRA EXTRA – READ ALL ABOUT IT – “Turn 1 Bump Gone for ACT Titles!!!!!”

Circuit Mark Webber has undergone further track upgrades this week.

CKRC Membership Liaison Officer Brett Staples said “the track extension has been hugely successful. The only negative has been the bump at turn 1 where the track transitions from new to old. As of this weekend, we have re-laid 30 metres of track which will alow a much smoother transition for drivers”.

The club would like to acknowledge Michael & Rodney from Statewide Civil and Dennis from Antalija Developments for their assistance in making this possible.

The CKRC committee are committed to the continual development and upgrading of its facilities for its members and drivers Australia-wide.

CKRC looks forward to welcoming you to this year’s ACT Titles!

Entries are now open and made possible via the Karting NSW portal.

2023 / Mar / 9th

Working Hard? Or Hardly Working!

As part of our ongoing track improvements, our dedicated groundskeeper, with the help of our club President recently installed a number of new frames to support our sponsors. Thanks to Bespoke Fabrications in producing the high quality supports.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact the club via

2023 / Mar / 5th

Club Championship – Round 2 + TAG Tri Series Wrap Up

Canberra was proud to welcome and host the first round of the TAG Tri Series here at Circuit Mark Webber this weekend. With the tri-series kicking off, it was an opportunity to get in some close quarters racing with some larger than normal fields. TAG Light had 20 entrants and TAG Heavy had 22. This, combined with larger fields across all classes saw a great day’s racing.

Championships results have been updated, along with three new 2023 track records, with the day’s results available on Speedhive. We had a few technical glitches throughout the day and all competitors need to remember that our volunteers are just that – volunteers. The club is always happy to have assistance, so contact if you’d like to be a volunteer.

A massive thank you to all the KNSW officials and club volunteers that made the day possible.

Photo credit this round goes to Quick Pixels Photography who was on track all day snapping away. The full day’s gallery can be found here. Be sure to contact Gavin if you are interested in any photos.

2023 / Feb / 5th

Club Championship – Round 1 Wrap Up

With the track looking a million dollars, Sunday saw a field of just over 80 participants dust off their gear and compete for those first valuable points in Round 1 of the Canberra Club Championship.

The weather was fantastic, with blue skies, sunshine and perfect temperatures all day long.

The day saw 11 classes run, including MiniMax, for the first time on Maxxis tyres – leading the charge at the front of the Rookies field. With the new start light position and extended tram tracks, racers were kept on their toes with some late starts from the race tower and a few racers even copped a cheeky penalty for jumping the start. 😉

The running championship results can be found here, with the day’s full results here on Speedhive. A big thank you to all racers that came to compete, along with all of our officials that made the day possible.

If you have pictures you’d like to contribute to any of our galleries, please contact and we will add them here!

2023 / Feb / 2nd

Upgrades people, upgrades!

Our resident grounds keeper has been hard at work today putting the final touches on the track in lieu of this weekend’s opening round of the Canberra Kart Racing Club Championship. Some earth works to facilitate the new practice lighting system, a respray of the out grid, including new cat’s eyes at each position and last but not least – a timely reminder on the steps of the race tower, reminding you that no one should be interfering with the race officials in the tower whilst racing is underway. Oh, and whilst not pictured here, the tramlines have now been extended from the exit of the final chicane, right through until just before turn one. With the new starting light position at the end of the straight, the starter can now hold a start until the last moment before Karters make that first left hander.

2023 / Jan / 26th

Watch this page for all updates regarding Canberra Kart Racing Club racing and results, club activities, and local achievements. CKRC will endeavour to provide an update from each round held at the track over the course of the year, along with photos.