Club Championship Rules


Latest Update 3/1/2024

The Club Championship will be managed in accordance with the following club rules.

These rules have been introduced to ensure that all competitors have equal point scoring opportunities when participating in the club championship (in a calendar year) and to also encourage members to assist with the running of the club.

  • To be eligible to gain points for each round in the 2024 CKRC club championship, you must be a financial CKRC member at the rounds in which you compete.
  • You must compete in a minimum of four (4) rounds of the club championship.
  • All 2024 club championship rounds, 1 through 7 will count.
  • Competitors will have their single worst, or a “zero” score round dropped.
  • Points are not transferable between classes or family members.
  • If a competitor is excluded from an entire event zero (0) points will be awarded.
  • Competitors will be awarded points as per their class finishing position, each round as per the CKRC point score calculation document.

The CKRC Committee reserves the right to amend or modify these rules as necessary.