*One Gate Access Card issued per Family Membership. Additional Gate Access Cards available to Members with Family Membership only @ $100 per card with $30 Card Deposit

A full membership (Cadet, Junior, Senior or Family) entitles you to use Circuit Mark Webber for practice all year round from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

CKRC Gate Access Card Terms & Conditions


New Members (AKA Licence & CKRC Membership)

Membership & Licence Process for New Members 

Form 2 : New membership form for those who are seeking a new KA (Karting Australia) racing or social licence.

Required Documentation:

CKRC Club Membership will require the following completed documentation.

  • Application reference number from KA (A######). If you are under 18 a parent will need to sign, otherwise please sign this application form
  • Passport photo (if not done via the online application)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if under 18) or Driver’s Licence (over 18)
  • Medical Certificate and a letter from your doctor (if over 60)
  • If you paid for your KA licence application fee online via credit card or direct deposit, you just need to pay your CKRC club membership
  • Cheque/EFT payment for CKRC membership
  • New karters must complete and sign the CKRC membership form.
  • Observed Licence Test
    • Each new licence holder will be required to complete an OLT (Observed Licence Test). This involves a theory session and a short track day. For under 18’s, parents will need to be present. Please Click Here for a copy of the current theory test. The purpose of an OLT for new members is to ensure that we meet our obligations to comply with various KA requirements and that you understand your obligations whilst participating as a member of this club and as an KA licence holder.
  • All the above documentation must be completed and approved before your licence process is complete.
  • The CKRC Membership Secretary will forward all relevant documents to KA/KNSW for further processing. The Club Membership Secretary will notify new member of their membership status.
  • KA/KNSW will issue your KA Licence and a current Karting Manual (rule book) via post.


Renewing Members (AKA Licence & CKRC Membership)

Form 1 : Renewal of membership for members or those seeking to become a new ‘non-racing’ member of the CKRC.

  • Print and fill out a current Canberra Kart Racing Club Membership form.
  • Post completed membership form along with your membership payment, either by cheque or proof of EFT payment, to:
    CKRC – Club Membership Secretary
    PO Box 1597
    Fyshwick ACT 2609 
  • Upon receipt of correct form and payment, your club membership expiry date will be updated on the KA CMS system.
  • Renew your KA Licence online through the KA CMS system.

Please note if you already hold a KA licence, please DO NOT pay the CKRC for your KA licence renewal. The club only requires payment for your CKRC membership. You need to renew your KA licence through the KA CMS licensing system and follow their payment instructions online. Payment is direct to Karting NSW.

  • Incomplete or illegible CKRC membership application forms cannot be accepted and will be returned
  • If you are seeking a new AKA licence and new CKRC club membership, please contact the CKRC Club Membership Secretary (admin@canberrakarts.com.au) for further information and processing
  • CKRC membership application forms must not be sent (or copied) to KA
  • All membership forms must be forwarded directly to the CKRC Club Membership Secretary (admin@canberrakarts.com.au) for processing
  • Annual membership payment can be made either by cheque or EFT. Payment details are on the CKRC membership form
  • Your Club membership is valid for 12 months
  • Prior Motor Sport Experience Applications will now attract a fee of $105.00 (non refundable)