From January 2017 the Club Championship will be managed in accordance with the “2017 KA CLUB COMPETITION RACE STRUCTURE – CLASSES” and the following club rules:

These rules have been introduced to ensure that all competitors have equal point scoring opportunities when participating in the club championship,  in a calendar year and to also encourage members to assist with the running of the club.

It is the competitors’ responsibility, or their parent/ guardian to be informed of these rules:

To be eligible for the club championship you must be a financial CKRC member.

Competitors will drop their lowest scoring round. (Or an away round if they choose not to participate)

Points are not transferable between classes or family members

To be eligible for the club championship you must complete a minimum of two (2) full working bee’s or assist the club in some other form.

Such as a day in the canteen during a race meeting. This can also be during a SEK, TEKA or other official event at Circuit Mark Webber.  

A proxy can perform the work on a competitor’s behalf.

A minimum of two (2) working bees or club duties per membership.

One working bee attendance or club duty must be prior to June 30 2017 & the other prior to the conclusion of the club championship on Sunday 26 November 2017.  

– A family attending one working bee or club duty, is recorded as one (1) working bee completed.

– A working bee is described as a full morning helping out at the track from 8.30am to 12.30pm or when the duties are completed for that day.

– Please use the practice sign-on sheet at the out-grid to register for each working bee or club duty & report to an organising club official on the day. For race day duties, the KA Officials sign-on sheet is located at the Race Secretary’s office.

– You must register for all club duty or working bees to ensure that they are recorded. This is also your responsibility.

– If a competitor is excluded from an entire event zero (0) points will be awarded.

Canberra members will be awarded points as per their class finishing position, each round as per the CKRC point score calculation document.

The CKRC Committee reserves the right to amend or modify these rules as necessary.